Tim Packman Stepping Down As Lancaster Speedway President

Story By: DAVE BUCHANAN / LANCASTER SPEEDWAY – LANCASTER, NY – Upon completion of a three-year agreement with the ownership group, Tim Packman will be stepping down as Track President of Lancaster National Speedway & Dragway.

Packman will complete his term and finish out the 2018 season, which concludes at the end of September, before returning to North Carolina seeking to continue his career in motorsports. The future of the award-winning motorsports facility is secure and racing will continue as it has done since 1959.

“This wasn’t an easy decision and a lot of thought and talks with Gordon Reger were held leading up to this point,” Packman said. “Lancaster is where I started my motorsports career and the past three years have been great to watch how the track has grown.

“By announcing this now, it will give the ownership group time to find the next person to lead Lancaster into even better days. It will also allow time for that person to become acclimated and see the day-to-day operations and get ready for next season now and keep it growing forward.

“I owe tons of gratitude to the ownership group for this opportunity, the stars in the cars for wanting to race at Lancaster, the partners who have invested their advertising dollars here and a big thank you goes to the fans in the stands. I especially want to thank the Drag, Stock Car, maintenance, safety and office staffs for their hard work and dedication to Lancaster.”

During the past three seasons, the ownership group has made multiple improvements to the facility and allowed for booking of larger shows like the ISMA Supermodifieds, Street Outlaws from Discovery Channel and Monster Trucks, to name a few. In addition to solidifying the Drag and Stock Car programs, the larger events also brought new fans to Lancaster.

The results have shown with increased car counts for both the Drag and Stock Car programs, attendance, Social Media presence, improvements in the track’s overall image and reputation.

Reger, CEO of Reger Holdings, the parent company of Lancaster, is committed to making sure racing continues at 57 Gunnville Rd.

“I appreciate all that Tim has been able to accomplish in the past three years,” Reger said. “I know there a lot of factors that go into keeping the track running and he did it well. We will now begin solidifying the future of Lancaster and Tim will be very involved managing all inquiries to find his successor.

“It might be a challenge to find someone to match his passion for the track and his will to see it be a successful business. But, I personally want everyone involved with the track to know racing and the traditions of Lancaster will continue.”