Reid Lanpher, Curtis Gerry Win Non-Stop 50-lap Super Late Model Races at Oxford Plains Speedway

Story By: OXFORD PLAINS SPEEDWAY – OXFORD, ME – Manchester’s Reid Lanpher and Curtis Gerry of Waterboro prevailed in a pair of caution-free, 50-lap Super Late Model main events Saturday afternoon at Oxford Plains Speedway, topping the Budweiser Championship Series stock car racing card at the popular .375-mile paved oval track.

Lanpher dominated the first race from his front row starting position, his fastest lap a quarter-second better than his nearest rival in the non-stop affair. Gerry, after starting fourth, was 2.714-seconds behind Lanpher, with polesitter Ryan Deane of Winterport earning third-place hardware.

Ryan Robbins of Dixfield, who lined up in seventh spot, earned the first of his two top five finishes on the afternoon with a fourth-place run. Buckfield’s TJ Brackett rounded out the top five, followed by Shawn Martin of Turner, Jeff Taylor of Farmington, Glen Luce of Turner, Rusty Poland of Windham and New Gloucester’s Ben Tinker.

Gerry started third in the second race and outran nine-time track champion Taylor to the checkered flag in a much closer, and still caution-free event for the speedy top class at the historic Route 26 oval track. Taylor, an infrequent entrant in recent years at the track he once dominated, kept things close, finishing less than a half-second behind Gerry in the second Super Late Model 50-lapper.

Deane nailed down his second third-place finish of the day, just ahead of a fast-closing Lanpher, who turned in the fastest lap of the race after starting from 12th position. Tenth-starting Robbins made a late move into fifth spot, his second top five finish of the afternoon.

Defending Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy Street Stock track champion Matt Dufault of Turner started his title defense off in style, using the outside groove liberally to win the season-opening, 30-lap main event aboard an aging Rodney Williams Camaro.

Patrick Thorne of Standish had his best run since joining the class, chasing the champ under the checkered flag, with Kurt Hewins of Leeds third across the finish line. Jon Brill of Turner and Sabattus racer Jim Davis rounded out the top five in the first of two 30-lappers for the division.

Hometown Oxford racer Skip Stanley claimed his first win in the Street Stock finale, battling Brill for the top spot early, then outrunning defending champion Dufault to the checkered flag in the second 30-lap race. Kurt Hewins of Leeds got his second third-place trophy on the afternoon. Thorne and Brill completed the top five rundown in the Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy-sponsored class.

Defending Bandits division champion Dustin Salley of Mechanic Falls emerged triumphantly from the first race in his class this year. Shaun Hinkley of Oxford, another former champion in the class, was the best of the rest in the 20-lap test. Chad Wills of Oxford, Travis ‘Tornado’ Verrill of Oxford and Turner’s Tyler Green rounded out the top five.

Hinkley, the 205 Bandits champ, prevailed in round two, outrunning Rob Crepeau of West Paris to the checkered flag. Green, returning after a year’s absence, claimed third-place hardware in front of Bryant Pond’s Mike McKinney and Salley in the second 20-lapper for the four-cylinder Budweiser Championship Series class.

Larry Lizotte of Poland took top honors in the first of two 20-lap races for the Figure 8 competitors. Lizotte outgunned race-long leader Dale Lawrence on a restart and held off Oxford’s Kyle Glover after Lawrence spun. Charlie ‘Chachy’ Hall of Oxford was third, followed by Eric Hodgkins of Minot and Lawrence.

Lawrence, of Minot, made no mistakes in round two, outrunning first-race victor Larry Lizotte to victory lane. Glover ended up third to earn his second trophy of the afternoon. A pair of South Paris racers, Gregory Durgin and Kyle Kilgore, rounded out the top five in the second Figure 8 division race.

The second-year Rookie class for young racers saw Brady Childs of Leeds win twice in a pair of good battles versus Owen Stuart of Naples. Sophie Green of West Paris picked up the third-place trophy in the first race, with Maddy Herrick of Norway third in the second event. Jeremy Turner led the action at one point before a bout with the wall shortened his afternoon.

The Budweiser Championship Series at Oxford Plains Speedway resumes on Saturday, May 11 at 4:00 p.m., with the North East Classic Lites joining the five weekly racing classes. Regularly-scheduled 7:00 p.m. Saturday night Budweiser Championship Series action kicks off on May 18. Oxford Plains Speedway is located at 877 Main Street (State Route 26) in Oxford, Maine. For more information please visit or call (207) 539-8865.

Results from the Saturday, May 4, 2019 Budweiser Championship Series double features stock car racing program at Oxford Plains Speedway showing finishing position, car number, driver’s name, driver’s hometown:

1st Super Late Model (50 laps) 1 59 Reid Lanpher, Manchester; 2 7 Curtis Gerry, Waterboro; 3 54 Ryan Deane, Winterport; 4 36 Ryan Robbins, Dixfield; 5 61 TJ Brackett, Buckfield; 6 94 Shawn Martin, Turner; 7 88 Jeff Taylor, Farmington; 8 7 Glen Luce, Turner; 9 44 Rusty Poland, Windham; 10 19 Ben Tinker, New Gloucester; 11 60 Tim Brackett, Buckfield; 12 28 Mark Lundblad, Jr., Conway, NH; 13 8 Calvin Rose, Jr., Turner; 14 34 Tyler Robbins, Montville; 15 11 Tyler King, Gray; 16 53 Alan Wilson, Hebron.

2nd Super Late Model (50 laps) 1 7 Curtis Gerry, Waterboro; 2 88 Jeff Taylor, Farmington; 3 54 Ryan Deane, Winterport; 4 59 Reid Lanpher, Manchester; 5 36 Ryan Robbins, Dixfield; 6 7 Glen Luce, Turner; 7 61 TJ Brackett, Buckfield; 8 44 Rusty Poland, Windham; 9 34 Tyler Robbins, Montville; 10 94 Shawn Martin, Turner; 11 8 Calvin Rose, Jr., Turner; 12 11 Tyler King, Gray; 13 28 Mark Lundblad, Jr., Conway, NH; 14 60 Tim Brackett, Buckfield; 15 53 Alan Wilson, Hebron; 16 19 Ben Tinker, New Gloucester.

1st Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy Street Stock (30 laps) 1 61 Matt Dufault, Turner; 2 27 Patrick Thorne, Standish; 3 55 Kurt Hewins, Leeds; 4 77 Jon Brill, Turner; 5 17 Jim Davis, Sabattus; 6 09x Ryan Ripley, Rockland; 7 64 Skip Stanley, Oxford; 8 36 Richard Spaulding, Lisbon; 9 12 John White III, Auburn; 10 52 Mike Nichols, Livermore Falls; 11 6 Brian Dolloff, Jr., Jay; 12 51 Kyle Hewins, Oxford; 13 09 Mark Turner, Norway; 14 1x Brandon Varney, Mechanic Falls.

2nd Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy Street Stock (30 laps) 1 64 Skip Stanley, Oxford; 2 61 Matt Dufault, Turner; 3 55 Kurt Hewins, Leeds; 4 27 Patrick Thorne, Standish; 5 77 Jon Brill, Turner; 6 09 Mark Turner, Norway; 7 36 Richard Spaulding, Lisbon; 8 12 John White III, Auburn; 9 09x Ryan Ripley, Rockland; 10 17 Jim Davis, Sabattus; 11 6 Brian Dolloff, Jr., Jay; 12 52 Mike Nichols, Livermore Falls; 13 1x Brandon Varney, Mechanic Falls.

1st Bandit (20 laps) 1 18 Dustin Salley, Mechanic Falls; 2 2 Shaun Hinkley, Oxford; 3 52 Chad Wills, Oxford; 4 24 Travis Verrill, Oxford; 5 26 Tyler Green, Turner; 6 04 Caleb Proctor, Casco; 7 77 Rob Crepeau, West Paris; 8 44 Jeff Libby, Poland; 9 9 Joshua Dube, Auburn; 10 55 Dean Jordan, Jay; 11 11 Alex Mowatt, Norway; 12 19x Treven Nay, South Paris; 13 19 Greg Sessions, Oxford; 14 08 Mike McKinney, Bryant Pond; 15 20 Brian Hiscock, Turner.

2nd Bandit (20 laps) 1 2 Shaun Hinkley, Oxford; 2 77 Rob Crepeau, West Paris; 3 26 Tyler Green, Turner; 4 08 Mike McKinney, Bryant Pond; 5 18 Dustin Salley, Mechanic Falls; 6 52 Chad Wills, Oxford; 7 44 Jeff Libby, Poland; 8 24 Travis ‘Tornado’ Verrill, Oxford; 9 68 Mike Rand, Bridgton; 10 19 Greg Sessions, Oxford; 11 11 Alex Mowatt, Norway; 12 9 Joshua Dube, Auburn; 13 04 Caleb Proctor, Casco; 14 19x Treven Nay, South Paris; 15 55 Dean Jordan, Jay.

1st Figure 8 (20 laps) 1 00 Larry Lizotte, Poland; 2 07 Kyle Glover, Oxford; 3 12 Charlie ‘Chachy’ Hall, Oxford; 4 4 Eric Hodgkins, Minot; 5 2 Dale Lawrence, Minot; 6 41 Gregory Durgin, South Paris.

2nd Figure 8 (20 laps) 1 2 Dale Lawrence, Minot; 2 00 Larry Lizotte, Poland; 3 07 Kyle Glover, Oxford; 4 41 Gregory Durgin, South Paris; 5 4 Kyle Kilgore, South Paris; 6 12 Charlie Hall, Oxford.

1st Rookie (10 laps) 1 1 Brady Childs, Leeds; 2 8 Owen Stuart, Naples; 3 29 Sophie Green, West Paris; DNS 09 Jeremy Turner, South Paris.

2nd Rookie (10 laps) 1 1 Brady Childs, Leeds; 2 8 Owen Stuart, Naples, 3 95 Maddy Herrick, Norway; 4 29 Sophie Green, West Paris.