RPW Exclusive: It Was A Career Night For Andrew Molleur At Stafford Speedway

Column By: BRITTANY NUTILE / RPW – STAFFORD SPRINGS, CT – Andrew Molleur won the SK Mod race at Stafford Speedway Friday for military appreciation night.

Molleur started the race 2nd. He had a fast car and kept it out of trouble all night racing his competition clean all night. “We’ve been struggling a little bit this season, we came back here today had a great car today started outside pole for the race, making our way to the front. Guys like Owen, Gervais, and Rocco behind me, its very intimidating looking in the mirror. We were able to pull it off.” Molleur talks about the race and how he got the win.

Troy Talman started the race on the pole for tonight’s race. He seemed to have a fast car, they changed the setup on the car and had a better car than in the past weeks. He kept the lead for the first 16 laps he had some tough battles with Cory Dimatteo and Andrew Molleur until Molleur got the lead. Talman ended the race finishing in 11th place.

Michael Gervais Jr. started the race 9th and in the first few laps stayed in the top 10 but, then had a problem and ended up slowing down in the backstretch and having to come from the back and ending up having a good car after the problem and being able to pass a lot of cars to make his way to finish 2nd in the feature. “It was a really tough race for us, at the beginning couldn’t really make any moves just trying to be patient and getting through the field. I ended up loosing 2nd gear and slowing down and going to the back. Just trying to work our way up again from such a roller coaster of a race.” Michael talks about his tough race but, how he bounced back to a 2nd place finish.

Todd Owen had another fast car again this week, he’s gotten close to getting a win at Stafford he’s been on the podium 2 out of the first five races. He been consistent and has been keeping himself in the top 10. Owen finished the race in 3rd place. “We are having am awesome run here, we’ve had 4 out of 5 races in the top 5. Bringing the car home with the wheels turning. We know we have to get better in certain areas and just can’t find it.” Owen talks about the race and how he’s been having such great runs here at Stafford.

Top 5 finishers:
1. Andrew Molleur-R
2. Michael Gervais Jr.
3. Todd Owen
4. Keith Rocco
5. Matt Vassar

Top 5 in the point standings:
1. Michael Gervais Jr. 226 pts. +10
2. Todd Owen 216 pts. -10
3. Michael Christopher Jr. 178 pts. -48
4. Nick Salva 174 pts. -52
5. Keith Rocco 172 pts. -54

SK light

Teddy Hodgdon won the SK light race tonight at Stafford Speedway.

He started 10th in the race. He’s been pretty consistent he’s had 3 top 5’s and 2 finishes in the top 20. He’s been up front for the majority of the races. “it was amazing, just had to work through traffic, just work through it and we got to the front and the car was on rails. We kept it out on front and the car was perfect. Bryan has a really fast car; I was just checking my mirrors seeing if he was there and he was. I was just keeping the same distance; I was surprised he didn’t catch up to me. We had a fast piece and a little bit of an edge being in clean air like we were. I’m glad we got the win today.” Hodgdon talks about his win after the race.

Todd Douillard started the race on the pole for tonight’s race and he seemed to have a fast car and had to fight off Bob Charland who had a good car. Douillard led the first two laps then got pushed back to 4th. Todd finished the race in 12th place. Bryan Narducci had a good run tonight, he started 13th and just wanted to have a clean race and get to the front and try to go for the win. He didn’t get up to the front till the last few laps of the race. Narducci finished the race in 2nd place. Bob Charland had a good run tonight; he started the race 4th but was eager to get to the front. He battled for the lead in the first few laps with Todd Douillard. He finally got to the lead and led the majority of the race. But Teddy Hodgdon had a faster car and took the lead from Charland. Bob finished the race in 3rd place.

Top 5 finishers:
1. Teddy Hodgdon
2. Bryan Narducci
3. Bob Charland
4. Alexander Pearl
5. Joey Ferrigno

Top 5 in the point standings:
1. Steven Chapman-R 202 pts. +4
2. Teddy Hodgdon 198 pts. -4
3. Noah Korner-R 198 pts. -4
4. Mark Bakaj 198 pts. -4
5. Jonathan Puleo-R 178 pts. -24

Late Model

Tom Fearn won the race at Stafford Speedway on Military appreciation night.

Fearn started the race in 7th place. Paul Arute started the race on the pole and had a fast car, he kept in the lead for the first half of the race but, then Tom Fearn had a faster car and took the lead on lap 10. Arute finished the feature in 3rd place. “Al had a better car then me and I had older tires on, so I was just trying to hang on for the last 10 laps. It’s a good confidence booster for us, we aren’t struggling just got shuffled around and being on the outside and trying to figure out this new tire. It’s a fun division, everyone’s running clean, got to Tommy’s bumper but just couldn’t get him and then fall back a bit but, it was a good run for us”. Paul talks about his podium finish in the race and competing with Al Saunders.

Kevin Gambacorta once again had a strong car for tonight’s race and if he had a few more laps he could have probably gotten to Fearn and take the lead away but, he didn’t have enough to get to Fearn in the 30 laps they had in the race. Gambacorta started the race 10th, with everyone battling and trying to get spots from each other, if you just stay close to the drivers competing then you can pick up two or three spots from those trying to get by someone else. That’s what Kevin did, he picked off other drivers by just waiting and then dive bombing them and getting up to the top 5 very quickly. “This is unreal being in the top 3 every week. I just hope we can keep going with this thing. I’m not a quitter, we are going to keep trying, the only problem is Tom Fearn is the guy we are chasing. We didn’t gain any points on Fearn this week but, we have a good car so we can get on it and try to be there at the end.” Kevin talks about his good start to the season.

Top 5 finishers:
1. Tom Fearn
2. Kevin Gambacorta
3. Paul Arute
4. Al Saunders
5. Cliff Saunders

Top 5 in point standings
1. Tom Fearn 230 pts. +28
2. Michael Bennett 202 Pts. -28
3. Paul Arute 196 pts. -34
4. Kevin Gambacorta 194 pts. -36
5. Al Saunders 194 pts. -36

Limited Late Model

Jeremy Lavoie wins the Limited Late Model race tonight at Stafford Speedway. Lavoie started the race 6th and he got up to the front of the fact and competed for the lead with Gary Patnode. Alexandra Fearn started on the pole but, seemed to be going backwards after the first couple of laps. Fearn finished 6th in the race. “We kind of had a slump at the beginning of the year, the new tires we put on the car are a little different. We had to adjust the car a little bit, I think we made the right adjustments today. Last week I was little tight in the middle and it didn’t make for a fun racecar for the night. After making the adjustments the car feels just as good as last year, and it’s a big accomplishment to keep all the guys that are fighting for a win behind me and to keep going forward feels really good.” Lavoie talks about his race, the new tires every division must use this year and making the car better.

Gary Patnode has been doing well in the start of the season, still waiting for his first win in the limited late model division. Patnode finished the race in the 3rd position. He started the race in 2nd and got to the front and led laps after Fearn went backwards and gave up the lead. He had a good pace going but, Lavoie came up on Patnode and couldn’t keep Lavoie from taking the lead from him. “The car was good it was a little bit loose but made some adjustments here and there. We had a good battle going there with me and Alexandra Fearn for the first couple of laps and I was hoping she would hold those two (Lavoie and Provost) behind me off but we are getting at it. I think we are putting on a great show every week, we just need some more cars to join the fun.” Gary Patnode talks about the race and getting some more cars to join the division. There’s a close point race in this division because of the lack of cars running in the division. Even though they don’t have a huge car count but, they do put on a good show with only having 7 cars. The cars in the division are competitive amongst each other and they keep everyone on their feet.

Top 5 finishers:
1. Jeremy Lavoie
2. Duane Provost
3. Gary Patnode
4. Matt Clement
5. Kyle Casagrande

Point standings in the division:
1. Duane Provost 236 pts. +2
2. Jeremy Lavoie 234 pts. -2
3. Gary Patnode 230 pts. -6
4. Matt Clement 228 pts. -8
5. Alexandra Fearn 214 pts. -22
6. Kyle Casagrande 166 pts. -70
7. Kevin Crosby -R 154 pts. -82

Street Stock

Meghan Fuller won the street stock race at military appreciation night at Stafford Speedway.

Fuller started 3rd for tonight’s race and seem to be full steam ahead right from the drop of the green flag. Her car was very fast, she had a huge gap from 2nd and the rest of the field as soon as a she got the lead. Chuck Harrison got the pole for the feature. “I saw that George was behind me and we were going to be restarting together. I was hoping it was going to be clean racing next to each other. We were both racing pretty clean with each other, I love racing with George he’s a good kid.” Fuller talks about how she and George raced with each other during the race. Once Fuller got by him he was in the top 3 for a few laps until George Bessette Jr. caught him and took 2nd away. Harrison finished the race in 10th place.

George Bessette Jr. had a good run in the feature tonight. He started the race in 9th, he seemed to be a little laid back getting to the front. But, as soon as Bessette Jr. got to the top 5 cars, he just picked them off all the way up to the 2nd spot, just couldn’t get up to Fuller. Bessette Jr. finished 2nd in the race. “We had a good car but, meg had a really good car. She beat us by a little bit. We are working with the car and just doing what we are doing. It was alright, had some pretty good passes getting from 9th to 2nd, it got a little loose at the end. We will come back next week a little stronger than this week.” Bessette Jr. talks about how he and Meg Fuller raced against each other and how he his car was during the feature.

Top 5 finishers:
1. Meghan Fuller
2. George Bessette Jr.
3. Zack Robinson
4. Travis Hydar
5. Jason Lafayette

Top 5 in points:
1. Meghan Fuller 228 pts. +4
2. Travis Hydar 224 pts. -4
3. George Bessette Jr. 204 pts. -24
4. Zack Robinson 194 pts. -34
5. Adrien Paradis III-R 194 pts. -34