Statement Regarding Status Of Race In Tribute To Tommy Druar & Memory Of Tony Jankowiak

Statement By: DRUAR & JANKOWIAK FAMILIES – LANCASTER, NY – The Druar and Jankowiak family have made a decision as a family that is in regard to our family’s race (the 32nd Annual Tribute to Tommy Druar / Tony Jankowiak Memorial Race).

The event is a special event for racers in our region and we would like to protect our family’s legacy that has been established over the last 32-years.

The race has developed and evolved over the past 31-seasons into a celebration of short track racing and a benefit to local track racing in Western New York and should be presented as such. Prior to what may be perceived as the scheduling of the event for 2021, there was one stipulation that a member of our family requested and it was simply not met.

Therefore, we have decided, after conversations amongst our family that the Race of Champions will present the race, wherever the event is scheduled.

Details in regard to scheduling of the race and event, will be announced shortly. If you are seeking more information in regard to this race, at this point, we ask that you respect the family’s decision and contact Race of Champions management.

Thank you for understanding of our position; Mickey Druar and Debbie Jankowiak.