RPW Exclusive: Jenison Wins Late Model Race Friday Night at Thompson Motorsports Park

Column By: BRITTANY NUTILE / RPW – THOMPSON, CT – Mark Jenison is your winner at Thompson Motorsports Park. His main goal of the race was to run as hard as he could, as long as he could. He won the first heat of the late models and started 6th.

“Tough day, good racing, had guys in front swapping positions, definitely had a good race this season. Guys are faster and faster every year, they have younger guys coming in and going to try to catch these guys next season”. Jenison said after the race about racing at Thompson this year.

Nick Johnson is your 2018 Champion thanks to his consistency during the season. He never won a race during the whole season but, he never finished worse than fifth in every race. He finished third,third, fourth, fifth, fourth, and fourth. He is a first-time champion at Thompson. He finished second in his heat and started the race in ninth position.

“Goal was to win races but, then we had a chance to win the championship. Pretty surprised that we won the championship. Didn’t think we were going to run a full-time schedule, one thing led to another and here we are”. Nick Johnson said after the race about winning his first championship at Thompson.

There was a good battle in the beginning of the race with the 50 RI of Mike Benevides and Joey Parker. Benevides started the race on the pole for the race and Parker started second. In the beginning of the race they were racing each other hard for the top spot then, they both started falling back. Mike Benevides finished 11th and Joey Parker finished eighth.

All drivers that were in the top five in points were in the top seven in the race. Mark Jenison won the race, Tom Carey the III finished third, William Wall finished fourth. Johnson finished fifth and won the championship, and Ryan Morgan finished seventh.

Tom Carey III was battling Paul Charette until the checkered flag and Carey couldn’t quite get the second spot from Charette. They were battling for most of the race and were side by side for a good amount of it. A great hard fought and clean battle, Tom Carey started eighth and finished third while Paul Charette started fourth and finished second.