RPW Exclusive: Logano Fulfills A Dream; Captures 2018 NASCAR Cup Series Championship

Column By: JESSY MILLER / RPW – HOMESTEAD, FL – A question that arises before every championship race is if a non-playoffs driver will win the race or the Cup Series Champion and Joey Logano was more than happy to answer.

Logano’s winning move came with less than ten to go when Logano cleared Martin Truex Jr. and not only held onto but expanded his lead until the checkered flag. Despite this being NASCAR’s 70th season Logano is only the 33rd driver to win a NASCAR Cup Series championship.

Joey Logano has officially been named the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Champion. The 22 has passed post race tech and is clear.

This was Logano’s tenth season in the Cup series, he’s been competing at this level since he was 18. Many wondered if he was moved up too quickly and when he would finally get his championship. Last night Logano finally proved that he has it in him to win a championship.

Logano’s championship was only Roger Penske’s 2nd NASCAR Cup championship. The first one came recently in 2012 when driver of the blue deuce, Brad Keselowski took home the championship. The driver of the number 22 began driving for Penske in 2013 and got his first Penske win with the organization that same year.

The end of the race was completed with Logano’s signature ‘Logano Loop’ burnout, where he completely ruined his tires and at least one fender of the 22. When he exited the 22 he stood on the side of the car and banged his fists on top of the car.

Logano was greeted by many drivers after the race ended including both teammate Keselowski and RPM driver Bubba Wallace.

When awarded the MENCS trophy Logano’s son Hudson was set inside several times. Once by Brittany and a couple more Logano himself.

Its a known fact that the MENCS trophy is very big and very heavy but that didn’t stop Logano from holding it up above his head with a bit of help.

Logano might be known as an aggressive driver on track, but off track its no secret he is extremely down to earth and humble. Only a few days prior to the Championship race Logano was working with his Joey Logano Foundation to raise $170,000.

Then he was announced to be the Comcast Community Champion of the year for all of his hard work. During his interview post race, Logano mentioned how anyone can donate money but not everyone will donate time and that time was invaluable.

Family is very important to Joey Logano, so having his parents, sister Danielle, and wife Brittany along with their son Hudson was very important to Logano.

Gavin a friend Logano made through Make a Wish in 2010 was also present for the race.

Logano was able to celebrate his first MENCS Championship on Sunday surrounded by his friends, family and team. Logano’s squinty smile didn’t leave his face all night, and I’m sure it will still be present this morning.