Holidays Are Over; OSCAAR Is Ready To Race Into 2019 Season

Story By: ASHLEY MCCUBBIN / OSCAAR – ONTARIO ,CA – With the Holiday season behind everyone there is only one thing to focus on, the first green flag of the 2019 OSCAAR race season. This coming season will see the teams of the OSCAAR MODS, HOT ROD and PRO SPRINT put to the test at each event.

The chase for the 2019 Championships begins in May at Sunset Speedway as part of Spring Velocity and will conclude at The Autumn Colours Classic on Thanksgiving Weekend.

In between these two events the cars and stars of OSCAAR will be competing at Jukasa Motor Speedway, Flamboro Speedway, Brighton Speedway, Grandbend Speedway and OSCAAR will also make a return to Delaware Speedway for the 2019 race season.

With all the 2018 Championships coming down to the final laps of the feature event, every point, every position, every lap is going to be intense! You also have to add in the possibility of B mains…race fans you know where you need to be on Saturday nights this summer.

OSCAAR is excited to bring you this action at your favorite track in 2019 and look forward to seeing all the great race fans all season long.

2019 OSCAAR Schedule
May 2019

May 19 Sunset Speedway Spring Velocity – Mods, Hot Rods qualifying
May 20 Sunset Speedway Spring Velocity – Mods, Hot Rods feature, Pro Sprints full show
May 25 Peterborough Speedway – Pro Midgets

June 2019

June 1 Jukasa Motor Speedway – Mods Hot Rods (Pintys Series)
June 8
June 15 Delaware Speedway – Mods (ISMA)
June 22
June 29 Sunset Speedway – Mods, Hot Rods Pro Midgets

July 2019

July 6 Grand Bend Speedway – Pro Midgets

July 6 Peterborough Speedway – Hot Rods

July 13 Brighton Speedway – Hot Rods
July 20 Sunset Speedway – Mods Hot Rods, Pro Midgets

July 27 Flamboro Speedway – Mods, Pro Midgets

August 2019

August 3 Peterborough Speedway – Mods Pro Sprints
August 10
August 17th Delaware Speedway – Mods (ISMA)
August 24 Flamboro Speedway – Mods, Hot Rods, Pro Sprints
August 31 Jukasa Motor Speedway – Hot Rods

September 2019

September 7 Grand Bend Speedway – Pro Sprints
September 14
September 21 Sunset Speedway Fall Velocity – Mods, Hot Rods qualifying, Pro Srpints(feature)
September 22 Sunset Speedway Fall Velocity – Mods, Hot Rods feature
September 29

October 2019

October 5 Flamboro Speedway Frostfest – Mods, Hot Rods, Pro Sprints

October 11 Peterborough Speedway – Mods, Hot Rods (1st round qualifying)
October 12 Peterborough Speedway – Mods, Hot Rods (2nd round qualifying) Pro Sprint Feature
October 13 Peterborough Speedway – Mods 50 laps, Hot Rods 40 lap features

Pro Midget feature events 25 laps, Hot Rods 25 laps, Mods 40 laps