Sal Accardi & Rich Schlegel Excited For Bullring Bash Kickoff

Story By: CHRIS LEONE / BULLRING BASH – ATTLEBORO, MA – There’s plenty of racers getting excited for June 16, when the Bullring Bash Quarter Mile Challenge presented by RaceChoice kicks off at White Mountain Motorsports Park.

One driver-owner combination ready to get started is the modified race team run by Sal Accardi Jr. and Rich Schlegel.

Despite not meeting until just a couple of years ago, Accardi and Schlegel have settled into their roles as the two full-time workers on the team. Accardi does the work behind the wheel and in the race shop, and Schlegel creates the setups, acts as crew chief, spots for Accardi during races, and chooses where to go for the next race.

Interestingly enough, Accardi and Schlegel would not have met had it not been for sheer luck.

“I used to drive part-time myself,” Schegel said. “I didn’t think I was a great driver. I posted an ad on Facebook looking for a driver.”

Accardi saw the ad and sent Schlegel a message back.

There were definitely concerns. Accardi had not been behind the wheel of a race car for eight years when the two began talking. Accardi did, however, have plenty of experience racing at New York tracks like Riverhead for years prior.

“I didn’t know Sal,” Schlegel said. “I was a little worried at first. But an engine builder I know in New York told me he was good.”

That put away most worries. After talking, the two agreed to work together on a race team.

There’s no commitment to a particular series for these two. They just love racing.

“I don’t care where I drive,” Accardi said. “We bounce around, and wherever we can race, we race.”

It was Schlegel who made the call to come to Bullring Bash.

“The purse is attractive,” Schlegel said. “We’re almost breaking even just by showing up to the track. That’s good for small teams like us.”

Schlegel expects the racing to be both close and action-packed, with three stages of ground-pounder action for the fans.

“Towards that second stage and third stage, you’ll see the intensity pick up for sure with all the money on the line,” he said.