RPW Exclusive: Patrick Emerling Tops In Whelen Modified All Star Shootout At NHMS

Column By: BRITTANY NUTILE / RPW – LOUDON, NH – Patrick Emerling won the NASCAR Whelen Modified All Star Shootout in an extremely close finish.

Emerling started the race 9th and executed from the beginning and made his way up the field. All star races are always exciting because there are only 35 laps and there is a competition caution around the 20-lap mark, then they invert the field by what number a fan picks by spinning the wheel. Today’s race they inverted the 5th position. When they restarted the field, Emerling was the leading car.

Bobby Santos finished 2nd. This is Bobby’s first race in the tour series this year, he is in the 36 car filling in for Dave Sapienza, who is injured from a wreck. He is usually a factor at NHMS and that is exactly how today was. Santos started the race 4th and stayed in the top 10 for a good amount of the race. When the competition caution came at lap 20 and the field was inverted he restarted 6th and then went to work getting back to the top and had a lot of battles with different cars working his way on the bottom and top grooves and figuring out what one was better to pass on and what lane would work.

Justin Bonsignore finished 3rd and was right there with the 2nd and leading car and had a fantastic finish between all three of them. Bonsignore started the race 17th and had a lot of ground to make up in a short amount of time. He had some battles with different drivers coming up the field but, that’s how NHMS is and you get the good battles around the track and there multiple battles throughout the whole track so it makes it fun for the fans and everyone to watch.

It was a crazy finished to the race where the top 3 got to the line 3 wide and it was a photo finish to see who would get the win. The tour races are usually very entertaining and lots of action but, when you only have 35 laps it becomes very crazy and all the drivers are fighting hard at the start of the race all the way to the finish.

Top 10 finishers of the race:
1. Patrick Emerling
2. Bobby Santos
3. Justin Bonsignore
4. Jonathan McKennedy
5. Ron Silk
6. Craig Lutz
7. Ryan Newman
8. Timmy Solomito
9. Jimmy Blewett
10. Tommy Catalano