RPW Exclusive: An All But Perfect Day For Chase Cabre In K&N East Event At NHMS; News & Notes

Column By: BRITTANY NUTILE / RPW – LOUDON, NH – Chase Cabre won the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Saturday.

Chase started the race on pole position and dominated most of the race, he led all but 10 laps. He showed that he had a strong car and proved today that him and his team are very strong and are here to win more races and compete with other drivers.

Sam Mayer turned some heads in the last laps of the race competing with Derek Kraus. Kraus was in 2nd and had a good lead on Mayer but, all of sudden in the last couple of laps he made a huge run and got side by side with him in turn 3 and 4 and Mayer and Kraus made some contact with each other and Mayer took 2nd position from Kraus at the line.

Derek Kraus had a good race here at the magic mile. He started the race 9th and made his way through the field and got up to the front leading 10 laps in the middle of the race from lap 25 to lap 34. Kraus ended up finishing the race 3rd.

Max McLaughlin had a rough day at NHMS. He started 2nd but, in the beginning of the race he got up into the marbles and fell back a few positions. His car seemed to be loose during the race and couldn’t seem to get his car together. He finished the race 4th.

Hailie Deegan also struggled during the race, she started the race 12th and just stayed in the back. She couldn’t get a lot of momentum and struggled to pass throughout the day. She did average bring her first time at NHMS.

After the race Hailie talked about how her team brought her secondary car that was having problems to NH. They didn’t want anything to go wrong with her good car because they need that car for Iowa Speedway.

“My crew tried as hard as they could to get it better but just couldn’t. Its weird the car just becomes nonresponsive to changes or you think it’s going to do one thing and does the opposite.”

Hailie finished the race in 11th.

Top 5 finisher:
1. Chase Cabre
2. Sam Mayer-R
3. Derek Kraus
4. Max McLaughlin-R
5. Tanner Gray-R

Top 5 in points:
1. Derek Kraus 249 points+2
2. Sam Mayer-R 247 points -2
3. Chase Cabre 243 points -6
4. Tanner Gray-R 234 points -15
5. Max McLaughlin-R 227 points -22