Race Of Champions Partnership With NY Raceway Int’l Park (Lancaster National) Suspended

Story By: RACE OF CHAMPIONS – ELMA, NY – Since the completion of the 2019 US Open at New York International Raceway Park, home to Lancaster National Speedway, Race of Champions management has continued its attempts to resolve issues with the facility.

To date finances for purse money due to Race of Champions have still not been paid in full, to date, and caused delayed payouts to various teams that raced that weekend (September 13, 14 and 15, 2019). The continued delays by track management not meeting terms agreed upon with the Race of Champions. Due to these circumstances Race of Champions management has opted to suspend its partnership with New York International Raceway Park, home to Lancaster National Speedway until a resolution has been reached.

The Race of Champions has paid the teams in full that participated in the event utilizing monies from Race of Champions operational funds.

“There was a meeting with speedway management after the event and the season was completed to address concerns and the terms which were previously agreed upon,” stated Joe Skotnicki, Race of Champions, owner. “It got to the point where we wanted to get teams paid and had to use some of our operational funding to accomplish this. We recognized the time gap of payment was unfair to the competitors who had not received the purse money that was due to them.”

Race of Champions management is open to discussion and would consider all options regarding all racing related items once payment is reconciled and correspondence resumes.

“I would like to work things out with the speedway, however, misinformation and speculation by racers, sponsors and fans is misleading and confusing.” Skotnicki continued, “Race of Champions wants to open all lines of communication with New York Raceway International Park and to communicate to all what is truly taking place, create a resolution, and move forward.”

Race of Champions management will provide updates in regard to this situation as progress is made.