RPW Column: Halmar Friesen Racing Adds Charitable Donation To Kyle Busch Bounty

RPW Column By: JOHN DOUGLAS JR. / RPW – NANUET, NY – Halmar Friesen Racing’s owner Chris Larsen made news just days ago when he announced a second bounty in NASCAR’S Truck Series. As part of a campaign started by Kevin Harvick, Larsen put $50,000 up for grabs to any NASCAR Truck Series Regular who can beat Kyle Busch for the victory in the third tier series of NASCAR.

Yesterday an addition was made to that challenge as Larsen further stipulated that any race Busch happens to win earns him a $25,000 donation for the Samantha & Kyle Busch Bundle of Joy Fund, a cause near and dear to the Busch family’s heart after multiple unsuccessful pregnancies.

If Busch manages to take home the charitable donation, the $50,000 purse will carry over to the next event on Busch’s schedule.

In the official release from Halmar Friesen Racing, Larsen said, “Kevin Harvick rightfully called out all the truck teams and drivers. However I think the cup drivers have their hands full with Kyle already in the cup series. There are many talented drivers in the truck series and all the teams work very hard. Prides on the line. It’s time for us to step up our game.”

This in no way seems to be a campaign to push the dominant Busch out of the series but rather incentive for the Truck Series regulars to reach new goals.

“Kyle Busch is an amazing talent and true competitor. Competing against him makes everyone better. To be the man you have to beat the man and Kyle Busch is the man.”

Larsen added,

“Best of all the most important element of our sport – the fans will be treated to seeing Kyle Busch, Chase Elliott and Kyle Larson compete against the best NGROTS drivers in arguably NASCAR’s most exciting series. I can’t wait to see it and personally look forward to Stewart Friesen and our HFR teams Toyota Tundra competing with the best.”

Business has picked up early in the 2020 Truck Series season and to this point, it looks to serve the series well with renewed interest, extra money on the line for teams and a catalyst for tough and exciting competition.