Kelly Balson Scores First OSCAAR Modified Sunset Speedway Victory

Story By: ASHLEY MCCUBBIN / OSCAAR – INNISFIL, ONT – After coming up one spot short a month ago, Kelly Balson got his Sunset Speedway redemption by winning the Queenston Chevrolet Buick GMC, Scott Reinhart Trailer Sales Ltd OSCAAR Modified feature presented by Partco.

The first heat did not start off, with Shawn Chenoweth’s night coming an early end with motor issues on Lap 3. Adam Hagen would then bring out the next two yellow flags, with a pair of spins. Kelly Balson picked up the win ahead of Chad Strawn, Jason Keen, Brad Pearsall, Bryan Batty, Hagen, and Mark Hamicher.

The second heat featured a small incident in turns three and four involving Norman Newman and Jase Cornell. A.J. Emms picked up the win ahead of Anthony DiBello, Gary Elliott, Dale Reinhart, Mike Hearty, Luke Gignac, and Wally Wilson.

Come feature time, A.J. Emms started pole ahead of Kelly Balson, Jason Keen, Brad Pearsall, Chad Strawn, Dale Reinhart, Anthony Dibello, Gary Elliott, Mike Hearty, Jason Bowden, Luke Gignac, Bryan Batty, Mark Hamicher, Wally Wilson, Adam Hagen, Jase Cornell, and Norman Newman.

The race would not get off to the smoothest start, with Gignac going around in turn four. There’d be no caution called, with Emms grabbing the early advantage ahead of Balson, Pearsall, and Keen, as Strawn and Reinhart ran side-by-side for fifth. Strawn got the spot, quickly moving up into fourth on Lap 3 ahead of Keen, with DiBello alongside Reinhart.

Dibello would get the sixth spot on Lap 4, followed by passing Keen. The race’s first caution would then come out on Lap 6 for Hagen going around in turn two. With 44 laps to go, Emms led Balson, Pearsall, Strawn, Dibello, Keen, Reinhart, Bowden, Cornell, and Newman.

Emms got a good restart ahead of Balson, with Strawn moving up into third ahead of Pearsall and Dibello as Reinhart and Keen battled for sixth. Behind them, Cornell ran eighth ahead of Newman, with Gignac and Bowden side-by-side. Gignac got the 10th spot on Lap 10, with Batty rounding out the top-12. Reinhart would clear Keen for sixth on Lap 11, with Cornell challenging Keen a couple laps later. Behind them, Gignac would look to continue moving forward as he got alongside Newman for ninth.

With 15 laps on the board, Emms continued to lead ahead of Balson, Strawn, Pearsall, and Dibello. Reinhart now ran sixth ahead of Newman and Gignac, with Cornell alongside Keen for ninth. The race’s second caution would then come out on Lap 18 for Bowden going around in turn four. Under caution, Batty pulled down pit road, done for the event with overheating issues.

Emms got a good restart ahead of Balson, with Pearsall alongside Strawn for third ahead of Dibello, Reinhart, Gignac, Newman, and Cornell. Dibello would tag the back of Pearsall on Lap 22, which allowed Strawn to keep the third spot. Strawn would get alongside Balson for second a lap later, with Dibello alongside Pearsall for fourth.

Balson would hold onto the second spot, with the battle for fourth continuing ahead of Reinhart and Gignac. The battle for fourth would not go smoothly, with more contact happening off of turn four, resulting in both Pearsall and Dibello going around for the second caution. Under the yellow flag, Keen would make a pit stop. At the halfway mark, Emms led Balson, Strawn, Reinhart, Gignac, Newman, Cornell, and Elliott.

Balson would get a good restart, taking the top spot with Strawn alongside Emms for second. Strawn would get the spot, bumping Emms back to third ahead of Reinhart and Gignac. Newman ran sixth ahead of Cornell, as Dibello got alongside Bowden for eighth ahead of Elliott. Dibello got the spot, followed by passing Cornell two laps later for seventh. The caution would then fly on Lap 34 for Bowden going around in turn four.

With lightning occurring off of the backstretch and a storm ready to move in, the event was called at this point. Due to over half of the 50 laps being complete, the race is deemed official with full points being counted.

Kelly Balson got the win ahead of Chad Strawn, A.J. Emms, Dale Reinhart, and Luke Gignac. Norman Newman finished sixth, followed by Anthony Dibello, Jase Cornell, Brad Pearsall, and Gary Elliott. Mark Himacher finished 11th, followed by Wally Wilson, Jason Keen, Jason Bowden, Bryan Batty, Adam Hagen, and Mike Hearty.

The next race for the Queenston Chevrolet Buick GMC OSCAAR Modifieds on Saturday, July 27 at Flamboro Speedway, with the 40-lap feature presented by Touchwood Cabinets.

Tyler Hawn Scores Third Straight Hot Rod Series Victory

Tyler Hawn has figured out the route to victory lane, and did so once again on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway, winning the 35-lap Knightworks Design, Scott Reinhart Trailer Sales Ltd feature presented by Fox’s Bakery & Deli, and TSS Top Shops.

The night didn’t start off cleanly, with Peter Inglis spinning in turn four on Lap 2 in the first heat, followed by Nick Clarke spinning in turn two. Steve Book picked up the win ahead of Rob Wark, Paul Senior, Adam Misener, Steve Mayhew, Clarke, Bob Parsons, and Inglis.

The second heat would see Drew Robertson get loose off of turn four, before contact was made with Dan Rothwell, causing serious damage to both vehicles. Billy Alderson Jr. picked up the win in his OSCAAR return ahead of Dalen Martin, Tyler Hawn, Sean Walker, Robert Robinson, and Derek Henderson.

Come feature time, Dalen Martin would lead the field to green ahead of Tyler Hawn, Rob Wark, Paul Senior, Billy Alderson Jr., Steve Book, Adam Misener, Sean Walker, Steve Mayhew, Robert Robinson, Peter Inglis, and Derek Henderson.

The drop of the green flag would see a battle for the lead, with Tyler Hawn taking the top spot on Lap 2 ahead of Martin and Senior, with Book up to third ahead of Wark and Alderson. Alderson would make the move up to fourth, getting alongside Book for third. He’d be unable to complete the pass, with Book getting alongside Senior for third instead.

Steve Book would move up into third on Lap 6, with Senior and Alderson side-by-side for fourth, with Wark in sixth. Alderson would get the spot, challenging Book once again, this time for third on Lap 8. Senior now ran fifth ahead of Wark and Misener, with Mayhew and Walker side-by-side for eighth.

Alderson would clear Book for third on Lap 12, with Senior continuing to run fifth ahead of Wark, Misener, Walker, Mayhew, Clarke, Henderson, Parsons, and Robinson. Mayhew would get alongside Walker for eighth, but the caution would come out a lap later for an incident in turn three involving Martin and Alderson.

Hawn got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Book, Senior, Wark, Misener, and Mayhew. Meanwhile, Robinson would be brought down pit road as a result of a black flag for smoke trailing. As Walker and Clarke ran side-by-side for seventh, the caution came out a second time, this time for Martin going around in turn two.

Hawn got a good restart ahead of Book, with Wark moving up into third ahead of Senior, Misener, Clarke, Alderson, and Mayhew, with Walker and Henderson side-by-side for ninth. Alderson would then get alongside Clarke for sixth at Lap 24 as Alderson tried pushing Misener ahead a little. Further up the field, Wark would get alongside Book for second on Lap 25, clearing him a lap later before the caution came out for Martin going around in turn two once again.

The good restarts continued for Hawn, as he’d hold off the charge from Wark with Book in third ahead of Alderson, Senior, Clarke, Misener, Mayhew, and Henderson. Alderson would then challenge Book for the third spot with five laps to go, with the pair battling down to the checkered flag.

Tyler Hawn picked up the victory ahead of Rob Wark, Billy Alderson Jr., Steve Book, and Paul Senior. Nick Clarke finished sixth, followed by Adam Misener, Steve Mayhew, Derek Henderson, Dalen Martin, Bob Parsons, Sean Walker, Robert Robinson, and Peter Inglis.

The next race for the Knightworks Design OSCAAR Hot Rods is at Brighton Speedway on August 10, with sponsorship from Excess Storage, McDonalds Brighton, and Just Like Home Dog Care Centre.

Daniel Hawn Sweeps the OSCAAR Pro Sprint Sunset Speedway Features

The title defense is still being kept strong and in order by Daniel Hawn, as he swept the Living Lighting Canada, Scott Reinhart Trailer Sales Ltd OSCAAR Pro Sprint 20-lap features presented by Wild Wing of Woodbridge

For the first feature, Dylan Little started pole ahead of Kevin Taylor, Gary Triska, Tyler Cullen, Brad Holmes, Kelly Summers, Ryan Battilana, Daniel Hawn, and James Stanley.

Kevin Taylor would grab the early advantage on the opening lap ahead of Cullen and Battilana, as Holmes ran into mechanical issues, forcing him pit side. Battilana was able to get alongside Cullen for second on Lap 2. Hawn would then take them both three-wide, taking the runner-up spot with Battilana third ahead of Cullen.

Hawn’s climb to the front would be complete on Lap 4, as he’d take the top spot. Battilana would move into second a lap later, with Taylor now third ahead of Cullen, Riddell, Stanley, Little, Triska, and Summers. Riddel would then make his way up to fourth on Lap 8, with Stanley following him through. Cullen now ran sixth ahead of Little.

The climb continued for Riddel, as both he and Stanley would get around Taylor for third and fourth with three laps to go. The battle for third would get close in the final laps, as the leaders weaved their way through lap traffic. Riddel would try to cut underneath Summers, but would get into the grass, spinning around on the final lap.

Daniel Hawn cruised to the victory ahead of Ryan Battilana and James Stanley. Kevin Taylor finished fourth, followed by Tyler Cullen, Dylan Little, Jaden Riddel, Gary Triska, Kelly Summers, and Brad Holmes.

For the second feature, Dylan Little started pole ahead of Kevin Taylor, Gary Triska, Tyler Cullen, Kelly Summers, Jaden Riddel, Ryan Battilana, James Stanley, Daniel Hawn, and Brad Holmes.

Kevin Taylor would once again grab the early lead, with Riddel moving into second ahead of Cullen. The shuffling continued, though, with Hawn snagging the runner-up spot on Lap 2 ahead of Cullen and Riddel.

Hawn’s climb to the lead would be complete on Lap 3, with Taylor back to second ahead of Cullen, as Battilana got alongside Riddel for fourth. Battilana got the spot, challenging Cullen for third a lap later. Battilana then moved into third on Lap 5, with Riddel and Stanley following suit.

Battilana would not stop there, getting by Taylor for the second spot on Lap 8. Both Riddel and Stanley were able to get by Taylor a lap later, before battling side-by-side themselves for third. Taylor now fifth ahead of Cullen, Summers, Holmes, and Little.

Riddel was able to get the third spot, challenging Battilana for second. Unfortunately, Riddel got a little loose, with both cars going around for the spin in turn two for the caution at Lap 11. With nine laps to go, Holmes led Stanley, Taylor, Cullen, Riddel, Battilana, Summers, Holmes, and Little.

The restart would produce the second caution, with Riddel and Taylor getting tangled up together, followed by Battilana spinning behind them.

The second restart would go cleanly, with Hawn getting the jump ahead of Stanley as Battilana moved up into third ahead of Riddel, Cullen, Taylor, Summers, and Little. Little would then get alongside Summers for seventh with three laps to go, as Battilana and Riddel battled for third.

Daniel Hawn grabbed the victory ahead of James Stanley, Jaden Riddel, Ryan Battilana, and Tyler Cullen. Kevin Taylor finished sixth, followed by Kelly Summers, Brad Holmes, Dylan Little, and Gary Triska.

The next race for the Living Lighting Canada OSCAAR Pro Sprints is on Saturday, July 27, with the feature presented by Pinnacle Home Environment.